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Since 2008, the poaching of wildlife, primarily elephants and rhinos, has dramatically escalated across much of Africa. Due to a massive increase in demand from China and the Far East, ivory prices have soared from $200 a pound in 2004 to more than $2,000 a pound today. Some experts estimate that as many as 35,000 elephants are being slaughtered annually; that’s 10% of Africa's elephant population killed every year. 


In response to this crisis, Big Life Foundation uses innovative conservation strategies and collaborates closely with local communities, partner NGOs, national parks, and government agencies to protect and sustain East Africa’s wild lands and wildlife, including one of the greatest populations of elephants left in East Africa. As the first organization in East Africa to employ coordinated cross-border anti-poaching teams, operating on both sides of the Kenya-Tanzania border, Big Life recognizes that sustainable conservation can only be achieved through a community-based collaborative approach. This approach is at the heart of Big Life’s philosophy: conservation supports the people and people support conservation.