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Help - FAQs

How do I get FLOAT to build a campaign for my non-profit?

If your non-profit organization is truly affecting positive change in the world, we would love to hear from you! Please email us at for more information.

Where is FLOAT located?

FLOAT is proud to be located at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado.

Shipping & Handling

We print shirts to order every Tuesday and ship every Wednesday and Thursday via USPS. Depending on location, USPS will take 1-3 weeks from the day we ship to reach your doorstep.

  • Shipping rates vary depending on destination and number of products. 
  • Multiple product orders wills ship together whenever possible.
Sizing & Fit

Sizing charts are provided for all products, please refer to them prior to purchasing to ensure that you order the correct size. If you have any questions, please contact us at, and we’ll gladly assist you.

Returns & Refunds

Weekly campaign designs are printed to order so we are unable to provide refunds for improperly sized garments. Please review all sizing information carefully prior to ordering. For all other returns, please contact

How does FLOAT print its designs?

In an effort to minimize our environmental impact while maximizing quality, FLOAT uses water-based inks to print our designs whenever possible.  Certain colors cannot be achieved on certain garments when using water-based inks in which case we use a very 'light' mixture of plastisol inks.

Why are Water Based Inks better than Plastisol?

Water-based ink is just what it sounds like, using water as the primary solvent. As opposed to plastisol, a petroleum based product, water-based inks have a lower environmental impact. There are other benefits to water-based inks as well: Whereas plastisol printing produces a rubbery, non-breathable finish that cracks and peels over time, water-based inks penetrate and bond with the fabrics they are printed on, resulting in an extremely comfortable, durable and breathable finish that will never crack or peel. So, try one out and see for yourself, you’ll love it!

Is FLOAT affiliated with the organizations it does campaigns for?

Unless noted otherwise FLOAT is NOTaffiliated in any manner with the organizations we do campaigns for or any of their programs, projects or websites.

Where's my shirt? Is it coming?

Yes, it is coming! Since FLOAT prints our limited-edition weekly t-shirts to order once each week, it will likely be 7-14 business days before your shirt is mailed to you depending on available stock and how many orders we're processing. We mail using USPS and, depending on your location, it may take 1-3 weeks from the time we mail it for your shirt to arrive. You will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail when your item is shipped.  We're a small company with a lot of orders to process so please be patient and rest assured that we've got your order and will get it to you ASAP!