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Causes - The Positive Pit Bull


Many pit bull breeds were originally bred and developed to participate in “blood sports” or fighting. These horrific acts concluded in the false perception of pit bulls which has led to city bans leaving them to obtain one of the highest euthanasia ratings of all dogs. For perspective, it is estimated that 200 Pit Bulls are euthanized every day in Los Angeles County, CA which means 72,800 a year there alone. These increasing rates mean pit bulls need protection now more than ever.


The Positive Pit Bull aims to protect the reputation of this misunderstood breed by rescue, education and positive training. The Positive Pit Bull also speaks out for all animals by educating the public to spay or neuter and adopt don’t shop. Through adoption and showing the world who the pit bull truly is, The Positive Pit Bull is working hard for a brighter future for these dogs everywhere.

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