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The Serengeti is one of the world's great iconic ecosystems, with millions of animals forming the largest terrestrial migration on earth. But it faces a host of threats that affect its long term survival. Human population has soared in East Africa and will double by mid-century. Climate change is affecting weather patterns, water to life giving rivers is drying up, and poaching is a growing threat. In order for it to survive, there needs to be constant vigilance and support.


But it is ultimately East Africans themselves who will protect their priceless heritage. Serengeti Watch is working to increase education and awareness of the benefits and responsibility of conservation. Through our partner organization in Tanzania, The Serengeti Preservation Foundation, we are bringing education to schools, training and encouraging journalists to report on conservation, and broadcasting radio programs to local communities around the Serengeti. We are empowering East Africans to take over the job of protecting the Serengeti forever.

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