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$8 of every item purchased will be donated to Save Our Seabirds



Fish hooks, golf balls and automobiles are the most common causes of injuries to seabirds in Florida. The Brown Pelican is, in fact, the most injured by fish hooks. Save Our Seabirds responds to over 4,000 bird rescue calls per year. SOS also houses and feeds over 120 permanent avian residents, representing over 60 different species every day. These are only birds who were unable to be released back into the wild as SOS treats and releases every rescued bird as quickly as possible avoiding captivity longer than needed.


Save Our Seabirds rescues, rehabilitates, and releases sick and injured birds while educating the community about preventing these injuries and preserving habitats. The facility's Wild Bird Learning Center is essentially a living museum, offering fascinating educational displays featuring live birds that have been injured and treated, but are unable to be returned to the wild. Contributions from the public provide medical attention and equipment, food, maintenance for the bird’s habitats, maintenance for the facility, and general operating necessities.