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$8 of every item purchased will be donated to Dachshund Rescue South Florida



Dachshunds are not immune to the plight that so many dogs face as strays out on the street, homeless in a shelter, or needing to be surrendered by their families for various reasons - they just have shorter legs to do it on. They come to us in all ages, from newborns to 18+ year old, healthy, ill, injured, from the streets, shelters where we are their only chance to get out alive, and as a safety net for families who need to surrender. What is unique is our commitment to them.


Dachshund Rescue South Florida is a 100% volunteer run, 100% volunteer funded team of dedicated, compassionate, and generous lovers of any dogs "long and low" who welcome any doxie in any condition that finds its way to our door (taking in dogs not just throughout the State of Florida, but having worked with dogs Internationally as well) and through our partnership with world class vets, providing the care they need to heal, in both body and soul.